1st week of Crossfit

Last week two things happened that has never happened to me before. First I turned 30 and second I completed my first WOD at a local Crossfit box called Indian Trail Crossfit. The first thing all through a milestone was was small potatoes compared to what I was about to embark on for the next month or longer.  Now, those of you that know me I am no stranger to the gym. I love to go early in the AM and grind out 40-45 minutes of weights and 60 minutes of cardio during the week.  Unfortunately, my body hasn't been responding as well as I think it should be so I needed to do something drastic to shock my system.  After mulling over deciding if I should give Crossfit a try or not a close friend mentioned that she was also interested and we could go support one another.  We went back and forth about going for a WOD one day and see how it is we ran across a LivingSocial deal for an unlimited month for $50.  During that month a coach will assist you in "Ramping Up" to a full proper Crossfit WOD. Now, you may be asking yourself, "What is Crossfit?" Well, per Wikipedia - Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving, among other things, muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, and flexibility. It advocates a perpetually changing mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weightlifting.

During the first week, I went Monday, Wednesday and Friday completing a WOD each day that would consist of focusing on one core fundamental move used while doing Crossfit.  We focused on form mostly as it is the most important thing while doing this type of activity.


  • 200m run

  • 10 Air-Squats

  • 10 Push-Ups

  • 20 Jump Ropes

Complete each round for 15 minutes.


  • 125m Row

  • 10 Step-Ups with 25lb dumbbells

  • 10 Shoulder Presses with 25lb dumbbells

  • 10 Abmat Sit-Ups

Complete each round for 13 minutes.


Indian Trail Benchmark

  • 50 Air-Squats

  • 40 Abmat Sit-Ups

  • 30 Push-Ups

  • 20 Ring Rows

  • 10 Cleans with 75lbs

Complete this for time. Finished in 9:34.

Today I start week two which is very similar to week one.  I will be going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday again and will post an update after the week is done.  So, far I am loving this Crossfit experience and feel that I will continue past my month and become a full member of this box.  I am sure as the weeks progress the WOD's will be more brutal and I will be posting quite a bit more about my experiences so stay tuned...