Capri, Italy - Day 11

The ride from Sorrento to Capri was only about 45 minutes on the jetfoil. We arrived in the afternoon and had a few hours to spend on the island. If you don't know Capri is a very mountainous island off the coast of Southern Italy and it can be pretty interesting to get around. You could drive, but the roads are very narrow and winding so it would take quite a long time. Luckily for us, part of our tour included a trip to the top in the funicular or train. The funicular is the line connects the Marina Grande on the coast with the Piazza Umberto I in the center of the island. It is 2,200 ft long and includes a 223 ft tunnel and a 160 ft viaduct, climbing a vertical distance of 456 ft.

Upon reaching the piazza the views are absolutely stunning from up there. I can definitely see why people love coming to Capri to hang out and unwind. We didn't get much time here, but we definately want to get back to Capri and spend more time exploring the island.