Pompeii, Italy - Day 11

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that since I was a young kid I’ve always been fascinated with ancient history and volcanoes. Arriving in Naples was a bucket list checked off for me. To be able to see Vesuvius with my own eyes and walk around Pompeii was a dream come true and the best part is sharing these memories with Megan which will never forget. What can I say about Pompeii other than if you are ever in the area it is a must see. If you have a fascination with ancient history and civilizations this place checks all your boxes. When we arrived in Naples we made our way of the ship and onto a bus for the hour and half ride around the base of Vesuvius to Pompeii. Upon arriving we waited a few minutes for the gates to open and we were the first group in that morning. One thing that you aren't prepared for is the shear size and scale of Pompeii. It is absolutely HUGE!