3rd week of Crossfit

Unfortunately, my third week was pretty short due to some other engagements I had. During the third week, I went Monday and Tuesday completing a WOD each day that would consist of focusing on one core fundamental move used while doing Crossfit.  We focused on form mostly as it is the most important thing while doing this type of activity.


10-minute AMRAP

  • 60 Burpees

  • 30 Over-Head Squats with barbell 65lb

  • 60 Burpees

In the 10 minutes, I had to complete this workout I was only able to get my first round of 60 Burpees in, but I was pleased with that.


  • 3 Power Cleans 95lb

  • 3 Ring Dips

Continue cycle for 12 minutes adding 3 reps to each set.  In 12 minutes I got through 15 Power Cleans after reducing the weight to 75lb to knock out the 15 reps.