Licensed Drone Pilot

On the March 30th I embarked on something that I have been planning for several months. The day started fairly early as I had to drive to Winnsboro, SC which is about hour and fifteen minutes from my house to a small little airport to take my first FAA exam to obtain my PART 107 UAS license. I had been cramming for the test which includes 60 multiple choice questions ranging from drone rules, aviation facts, sectional charts, reports and airspace. The registration for the test is $150 for 24 months so you definitely want to make sure you cover everything needed to pass with a 70% or higher.  There are several resources available online some are free and some you can elect to pay for. I elected to leverage several resources that were free online which were a combination of videos on YouTube, practice tests, and using an app called Quizlet. 

To begin, I highly recommend watching Tony Northup's video as many times as possible. It is only about an hour and a half and is easy to follow and consume.

Next, I would practice taking the test with as many of the test bank questions you can find. I used 3DR ( for this and it worked great. 

Finally, I found the same questions that are part of 3DR loaded in Quizlet ( which is an app that combines flash cards and multiple choice questions to help enhance memorization.

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