Save a life... Adopt

Well, thought I would take some time and tell the story about my new found friend. On Dec. 23rd Holly and I decided to hit up the local shelters just to see what may be out there. I have been looking around for a dog for a few month’s now, but I wanted to make sure I made the right decision before jumping into something. First, we checked online in hopes that we would find something that would be a good match to what would work for my lifestyle. We came across a flat-coat black retriever named “Knight” at the Charlotte-Meck. County Animal Shelter. So, we jumped in the car, set the GPS to the right address and off we go. Well, when we first get there it appears to be kinda busy. We strolled back to the adoptive kennels and opened the door. We were greeted by a wonderful lady who asked some questions and answered a few as well. Then we turned around and proceeded to visit with the dogs in the kennels. In the second kennel on the right #A2R there stood “Knight” at first glance he was everything anyone could ask for. Big block retriever head, big brown eyes, floppy ears and a shiny black coat. At first meeting, he was very vocal, but we soon learned it's because he wanted a cookie from the shelter lady. We walked all the way down the long aisle mingling with all the dogs in the kennel, but there was something about “Knight” that drew both of us in. So, we decided to write down his info and have a formal meeting with the dog one on one.In waiting for them to bring him up to the meeting room we soon learned Knight’s health and history. They told us besides some tender areas on his elbows that he was in excellent shape and is all up to date with his shots etc. He came already neutered, chipped, and started on heartworm meds. They also told us that he was a returned dog. What that meant was that in October a family took him home, but because he was a lil bit too aggressive with their existing dog they were forced to bring him back. Well, of course, this broke Holly and me’s heart and we certainly felt for the lil man.

Upon first officially meeting he was exuberant and playful. There was a leftover ball in the room that he just couldn’t get enough of. After about 30 – 35 mins of playing with him we were both hooked. I couldn’t let them take him back and put him back in that cold kennel for one more min. I walked up to the counter and started the adoption process. All in all, it was a very smooth easy process, and the Charlotte-Meck. County Animal Shelter employees were very helpful. After all was said and done it was official Knight was mine.

Know it has been about 72 hours and with the exception of him still being a puppy he is a really great dog. Once I can train him to follow some simple commands there is no doubt he will be amazing! He loves to play catch sometimes for hours on end. He loves his lil stuffed ducks and his tennis balls. He has to be around me 24/7 and is extremely affectionate. When we go for long walks he waits to do his business until we get home which I thought maybe could be a problem, but I believe he was actually trained that way. He also doesn’t chase cars, people, or other dogs/cats. He only barks when he needs something or wants to go outside to play catch.

Now, I am in the process of renaming him to something else because he doesn’t respond to Knight. I was thinking either “Cash” or “Willis”. I think I am swaying toward “Cash”

Well, I plan on writing a whole lot more about this lil man over the course of his life and exactly how much a blessing he is in my life. Stay tuned…