I'm a Product Manager, UX Disciple and Strategist. I research and define experiences and strategic plans while leveraging different technologies, software development and services that solve challenging problems for businesses and users.

Currently I’m putting this in practice at ITX Corp.


Work Experience

I have a track record of execution. Product strategy and leading innovation for B2B, B2C, mobile and other digital technologies.

I am a results-focused Product Manager with extensive experience in driving requirements and strategizing initiatives for development to optimize efficiency and deliver customized solutions. Skilled in delivering projects within tight deadlines and budgets by leveraging an expertise in process mapping, user research, and requirements design. Accomplished in taking projects from concept to launch using scrum and agile methodologies. Credited with a strong ability to identify trends and develop competitive strategies for execution.


Fun Facts

I love to cook, I have a dog named Cash because he was the best $30 I have ever spent, my favorite number is 14, I'm not a huge fan of coffee, I love photography and seeing the world from another perspective, I am originally from Northern Utah just outside of SLC, I am a certified (UAS) drone pilot, my favorite food is pizza, and I love to travel and see new and interesting places.

Workflow Process

I approach each initiative differently while maintaining a framework to operate within. I have adapted my process over several years while designing and building products for many different industries.



Understand the problem and empathize with the human. Explore the competitive landscape. Identify strategic opportunities. Define product goals and requirements.


Combine effective interfaces, smart interactions, and consistent visual language into a captivating design that resonates with the target audience.


Map design to code. Smooth out any constraints. Solve edge cases. Move that button 3 pixels to the left. Fill the gap between functional and delightful.


Test prototypes with real humans against actual problems. Combine insights with gut intuition and experience. Iterate and improve in pursuit of perfection.

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