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4th week of Crossfit

Last Monday I finally reached my fourth week of Crossfit and the end of the "Ramping" process and the beginning of just diving right in with the rest of the group at 6:30 PM.  Monday I wasn't able to go due to feeling under the weather, but I did feel good enough to go on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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2nd week of Crossfit

I finished my second week of Crossfit last Friday around 7:15 PM.  Unlike the previous days, this day was different.  I was worn out, extremely sore and quite beat up and loved every minute of it.  I learned a few things this day that I will not be repeating though.  First off we had a company meeting and they catered in Buca Di Beppo for which I felt obligated to eat. 

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Save a life... Adopt

Well, thought I would take some time and tell the story about my new found friend. On Dec. 23rd Holly and I decided to hit up the local shelters just to see what may be out there. I have been looking around for a dog for a few monthโ€™s now, but I wanted to make sure I made the right decision before jumping into something. First, we checked online in hopes that we would find something that would be a good match to what would work for my lifestyle.

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